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Dark circles under the eyes can age you prematurely. Puffy and tired eyes can detract from your looks. There are a lot of different causes of dark circles, so working out how to get rid of them will depend on the cause.

Short term dark circles and puffiness

If you have puffy eyes, look back over your diet for the last 24 hours. If you have overindulged in salty food, you may notice puffiness around the eyes and the face in general. Similarly, if you have been crying, the saltiness of the tears will also provoke a puffy response. Alternatively, if the puffiness cannot be attributed to those causes, it may be hay fever or another sinus related allergy. All of these situations are temporary and can be addressed quite simply.

Reduce salt in your diet, as this will reduce water retention (and therefore puffy features). Consider reducing alcohol intake and increasing the amount of sleep youíre getting. If itís sinus related, investigate solutions available at your pharmacy. Some over the counter medication can reduce the puffy eyes and general discomfort fairly quickly.

If itís not due to sinus or allergy issues, then the age old trick of applying cucumber slices isnít such a bad idea. The cucumbers will hydrate, and draw out salt, reducing puffiness and relieving tightness or soreness at the same time. Lifestyle changes such as an increased focus of sun care and quitting smoking will also see an improvement in the dark circles.

Long lasting or persistent dark under eye circles

If your eyes are permanently dark, baggy or even sunken or hollow, there are more long lasting solutions. This may be a better option if it appears the problem is being caused by the ageing process. For example, dermal fillers London and others may be a solution. These work by inserting hyalauric acid under the hollow areas. This attracts water and plumps up the sunken areas. Dermal fillers London are quick to apply but do need the services of a trained professional. The results can last up to eight months, and really can take years off your looks. Alternatively, the most drastic action is to undergo eyelid correction surgery. This redistributes fat to correct the sagginess under the eyes, although the recovery time from this surgery is much longer than dermal fillers or temporary fixes. Sometimes however, if the darkness is caused by a pigmentation issue, then the best course of action may be to cover the darker areas with a concealer or other type of makeup.

Dark eye circles and puffiness can be prevented with a good application of lifestyle habits, in most cases. If the damage has been done however, there are topical treatments that can help. If the case is more serious or permanent, slightly more involved treatments such as the dermal fillers London or even eyelid surgery can make a difference over a longer period of time, leading to higher confidence and a brighter outlook.
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For anyone who want to get the best value for their money, doing the due diligence for appliances such as an espresso machine just makes good sense. Fortunately, the ability to do extensive product research on-line is a boon to those who are looking for consumer education. The advantages of the on-line information is found in the promptness with which new information can be posted and available, as well as the wide response about any product which is being considered. The best espresso machines from espressoreviewhub are those which have been tested, not only by the manufacturer, but by actual users in home conditions.

Operation of the Machine

A number of factors go into getting good quality results from a home espresso appliance. The quality of the beans, which are the basis of coffee flavor is a key element. It is also important to consider the water that is forced through the ground coffee. Elements such as the amount of pressure and the temperature of the water. Care is taken to heat the cups in which the beverage is served. If additional ingredients are part of the beverage, they must also be added at the correct temperature. Each stage of the process is carefully scheduled and calibrated for the best results to be achieved.

Water quality

Espresso purists are likely to be concerned about the quality of the water that is introduced into the machine. Any component of the water that results in a change in the taste of the finished product is likely to be a negative factor. Hard water has a definite flavor. Minerals in the water have an effect on the flavor of the water and by extension, of the espresso.

You may not want to filter your household water before introducing it into your espresso machine, but you should be aware that it will have an effect on the quality of the resulting brew. Some users choose to filter the water or to use distilled water only when operating the espresso machine. Using even the best espresso machines may be less satisfactory if your water is not of the highest quality.

Cleaning the Device

Water makes up at least 98 percent of an espresso. If you want the best results, you should consider three important factors about water composition which can be detrimental to the life of your espresso machine. These are the particulates which might be present, the chemicals which occur naturally in water, such as chlorine and the buildup of scale on the operating parts of the machine.

Scale on the heating element, boiler, pipe or jets of a machine can create a buildup which will eventually cause the machine to fail. Regular cleaning of the device will limit the rapidity of the buildup, but you will probably also need to periodically use a chemical cleaner to assure the limitation of scale and to eliminate the taste problems that can occur with hard water. To determine which cleaner is recommended for your machine, look for the suggestions which are provided by the manufacturer of the device.
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Starvation as a method of losing weight is probably the only 'diet plan' that has consistently been popular since ages.

So what does make people resort to starvation as a form of weight loss?

alt Trim down club dietKathy, one of the coaches on the trim down club tell us that 1/4th of their members have tried starving before joining the trim down club. They do it because there is a common thinking that if you starve, your body will "burn" your fat to produce energy.

This is one of the biggest myths in the diet world, and something we strictly oppose in the trim down club.

Why then people really do it?

You probably know the answer to that.

What tricks you is your mentality . The moment we come across phrases such as 'solutions to lose weight quickly', 'lose weight in 20 days', our mind triggers images of the future - you see yourself following the diet!

Let's explore the idea of starvation as a form of weight loss with its pros, cons and side effects.

Pros of Starving to Lose Weight

As horrendous as it may sound, starvation as a form of losing weight may have a pro or two to its credit. And they are unethical.

Saving money:

You may actually save a few bucks if you starve yourself and store the food you have at home for future usage. It sounds about right. No?

It is a quick solution:

Starving is a quick solution to weight loss. After all, who has the time in the world to exercise and follow the right meal plan?

Cons of Starving to Lose Weight

The cons of starvation definitely beat it's 'pros' in all aspects. As a matter of fact, any diet that promotes starvation as a way of weight loss is giving you the wrong directions. It may seem like a short term solution, but starving for weight loss can cause severe health risks which are not really worth losing your extra kilos.

Tricking your body

When you starve yourself consistently, your body gets convinced that it has to hold on to the small quantity of whatever little you eat during the starvation process which results into hurting your chances of losing weight efficiently.

You will also be depriving your body off the nutrients it needs in order to function well.

Losing muscle mass

It may sound as an easy walk towards losing weight and getting the body you desire, but you may be actually losing the existent muscle mass in your body.

Starvation burns fats only when it successfully depletes all the glucose in your body. Your body turns all the muscle into energy to let it function as starvation weakens the body. You lose muscle mass not weight, which makes your body and mental prowess weak.

Lower rate of metabolism

Starvation lowers your rate of metabolism. As the process keeps abusing the body with not providing it with the necessary nutrients our rate of metabolism, the element that naturally keeps us off weight gain, declines.

This declination literally means that after your drastic 'weight loss' due to starvation, you will gain weight faster and double of what it was pre-weight loss once you start eating, suddenly.

Losing immunity

Due to little or no inclusion of nutrients and food, for that matter, your now weak body slowly loses its immunity. The body gets more vulnerable to diseases, illness and life threatening consequences due to the starvation mode of weight loss.

Side Effects of Starvation for Weight Loss

Loss of memory
Hair loss
Irregular periods
Eating disorders
Brittle bones and nails
Regular fainting
Serious constipation
Damage of internal organs
Little or no existence of happiness injecting hormones
Extremely dry skin
Regular headaches
No positive thought processes
Starvation as a mode of weight loss is a dangerous process. Excessive starvation not only causes diseases like Kwashiorkor and leaves you mentally/physically unstable but it also results in the demise of the weight loser.

A potential weight loser can always look through various sources on the web as well as numerous fitness novels and magazines to understand and acknowledge the facts of a healthy dietary plan.

Always look for options such as juice cleansing to detox your body and follow a healthy diet. That way, you will live a healthy lifestyle and not cause any serious damage to you and your body.
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alt If you are among the 80% of normal consumers, whenever you buy a product online, the first thing you will do is look for reviews!

Similarly, since we too are among the most common 80% of all consumers, we were looking reviews of the (in)famous diet pill, Lipozene.

But sadly, they were all on separate sites, blogs, forums, and we had to spend hours finding some honest reviews. That's why we decided to 'curate' this post and bring all the Lipozene reviews we could find all on the same page.

Here are the best and most honest ones we found:

Danny from my fitness pal says:
From the time I started taking lipozene I lost nearly 12 lbs in two months. I donít crave for junk food any more simply because I am not hungry. Itís a good product. My aim is to lose another 20 lbsÖ

Beverly on says:
Lipozene is working for me. From 190 lbs I am now 178 lbs in forty days. I am a lazy girl, exercise and gym is serious no no for me. My appetite has reduced a lot. But I get this serious nausea and bloating in the afternoon, but I read itís a side effect of the productÖ but as long as I am losing weight, I donít mind tolerating the nausea a bit. 

Wendy on her blog says:
I am taking this pill from past 20 days, not lost a single pound as yetÖÖ just headache, fullness and increased visits to rest room is all d change I have experienced till now.. is it really worth? 

Betty on her blog says:
Very effective product. Working well on me. Just the bloating and infrequent loose stools are kinda troubling If that get fixed it could be amazing; nevertheless the weight is going down for sure

Sarah on sparkpeople says:
I bought this product two days back and started yesterday. Omg it made me nearly breathless.. it chocked my throat, didnít know what was happening.. after 30 mins when I vomited thatís when I felt better. I read up on the net that it can cause you to choke.. I am not taking it again. I want a refund!

Megan on 3fatchicks says:
It does cause you to bloat and some abdominal discomfort, but nothing comes completely easily. If you want to lose weight and not make any efforts also then you have to bear some side effectsÖ this is what I think. and I am happily losing weight with this product.

Gwen on facebook says:
I am 54 and highly diabetic taking insulin and having morbid obesity. I bought these lipozene pills for weight loss. I feel seriously dizzy after taking them. My blood sugar falls drastically. I consulted my diabetologist he told me to stop it immediately. My advise to diabetic patients is to consult your doctor first before taking this pill.

Sandy on my fitness pal again says:
I started taking lipozene since last week. Havenít seen any change in my weight as yet but I suffer from chronic constipation and have undergone surgery for hemorrhoids and since 1 week I am having no constipation

Katie on her own blog says:
Its just a lot of fiber packed in these pills---the glucomannan. Fibre is good for the stomach. Donít know if fiber can make you lose weight. Will have to try it out to find it out.

Frank on his very popular blog says:
I have started taking lipozene since 15 days, no effect till now... Donít know if I should continue it or stop it. I have tried many weight loss pills till now. Donít understand why these pills take so long to act

Mindy on twitter says:
I am gonna start with lipozene today, I am 5í1 and weigh 188 lbs, my aim is to lose at least 20 lbs in the next 1 monthÖ wish me luck 

Weren't these Lipozene customer reviews motivating? We hope so, it took us almost 3-4 hours to find and go through all of these, so if you are seriously considering buying this product, we hope we helped save you a lot of time.
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You know how when you look at an old picture of yourself and cringe at the current you and then wonder what went wrong?
The answer is lifestyle.

A lot of people succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle because itís just easier to let go of your health rather than hold on to it along with career, family and all thatís important.

Isabel De Los Rios, the creator of the beyond diet program and the author of a book by the same name has created this program to match everyoneís busy lifestyle and prove to be effective. You can learn more about it on the beyond diet central website.

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist with over 15 years of experience in the nutrition industry.

She believes that most of the diets donít work for everyone because everybody is different.

You cannot standardise a diet plan for the masses. Therefore, the secret to the success of the beyond diet program is that it urges people to eat whatís right for them instead of just eating diet food or not eating at all.

Like it has been proven that crash dieting doesnít really work, Isabel De Los Rios strongly recommends avoiding crash dieting as you only put on all the weight back as soon as you stop dieting.

The beyond diet program is a scientifically formulated program that targets different metabolic structures and helps you to lose about 1-2 pounds per week, which is the healthy rate, recommended by most of the nutritionists and health experts.

The beyond diet program has garnered success stories from all around the world. Isabel initially created this program for her diabetic mother and later she brought it on a commercial platform. There is no doubt that she has put a lot of heart in it. For the first few months, it was targeted for only those having a high insulin resistance, high blood sugar, aka, weight loss for diabetics.

This program, firstly, identifies your metabolic diet type- protein, carbs or mixed. And then, lays out simple yet effective meal plans for the next 6 weeks. You can also customize the meal plans according to your need. This flexibility, helps the dieter to stay motivated and on the track.

The beyond diet program has been known to be effective to lose fat not just lose weight, which is a bigger concern to most of the people. In fact, it is proven that the first weight you lose is water weight.

Now there is no diet plan that works for everyone but this one has seen many of its users get into shape and good health. The beyond diet program reduces weight, cuts down your fat, retains your energy and is also known to visibly reduce cellulite.

It comes with a quick-start guide, meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and a money back guarantee if you are somehow unhappy with the program. Also, it does not join the league of diet programs that are effective but as soon as you stop dieting you pile all the weight back or more. The beyond diet program is a lifestyle change and it makes you look fitter and helps you feel healthier.
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If your heating/cooling system is outdated, then, perhaps it is time to change that. With brand new thermostats, you have a chance to modernize your current settings. There are quite a few thermostats out on the market, and it isnít just about the products. There are many different sorts which function in a large number of different ways. A good alternative to your current climate controller can be anything. From a nest thermostat over to a wireless one. They differ a lot, and before you purchase either one, you have to check if your cooling/heating system is capable to support this sort of a device.

What kinds of thermostats are there?
In this category, there are a lot of thermostat types. They can be sorted by nearly anything: Features they have available, pricing and, as mentioned before, type. One of the general features within the type category is whether the thermostat is able to be programmed or not. This proves to be quite an important feature, as you can literally Ďtrainí your thermostat to set the temperature as specified. Some are fairly basic, meaning that they will only allow you to set two different temperatures Ė one for the day and one for the nighttime. More detailed versions include your ability to set the thermostat to any temperature at any hour through the day. Another popular feature a thermostat might be valued for is the lack of buttons, or a touch screen system. While this doesnít affect the overall quality of the device, it certainly makes operation much easier. Thanks to the powerful HVAC system, built into the wireless thermostats, the wireless thermostats themselves give you the ability to control them even if you arenít in the same room where the cooling system is installed. Typically, this can be done via an application, and is helpful when you want to change the temperature of your home while you are, for example, at work.
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Kitchen appliances can be hard to shop for at times. Especially for someone who doesnít comprehend some of the complicated terms mostly used in the description of the products involved. While some of the people writing through these guides are trying as hard as they can to stay in a reader Ė friendly zone, the technicalities are just too complex for everyone to be able to understand them from the moment they lay their eyes onto them. If you are looking to purchase a new microwave oven and you arenít quite sure yourself what do all those complicated terms mean, but you would still like to find a microwave oven of your choice, you can find the reviews, and all of the following terms carefully explained at Oven Shopper website.
Are there a lot of microwaves listed there?

You can find far more than just a few generic microwave brands. If you are looking for a perfectly functional and yet reasonably priced convection type microwave oven, your best bet would be to take a close look at the comparison chart. It has been designed in a form of a table, which puts all of the features each brand offers and lists them, so you can see which one performs better right away. With thoughtfully written reviews, you can easily get familiar with each of the offered microwaves. There isnít much left to do but read through and decide for yourself whether or not the products listed would suit you. There are a lot of them being reviewed, so you will be sure to have a lot of material. If you are just there for some information, you can find it well organized and divided, which makes for a pleasant, quick read to get you up to date with the latest models which you can consider before you finally decide that they are worth the purchase.
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alt When you have invested money into your home or business carpets and rugs, it can be disheartening to have them disfigured by a stain, especially if it is in a highly visible area of your home. Stains can occur for many reasons. While it is typical to try to blot up or clean up as much of the unwanted substance quickly, it doesn't always get all of the residue from the carpet fibres. When this happens in your home, it is best to contact a carpet cleaning Northampton like stain removal specialist.


Many homeowners think that the off-the-shelf products found at the supermarket will help to leave the stained area looking good as new. They don't read the fine print on the labels, and may only be looking for the product that is the lowest cost. Unfortunately, this spray or foam may actually do more harm than good on some stains.

In addition to problems with the suitability of the product, it is often true that the homeowners will apply the product incorrectly. Most people will spray the foam or liquid over the area and then proceed to scrub at the stain. They will usually attack the most heavily stained areas first. This practice may spread the troublesome substance over a larger area making even more affected fibers.

Factors To Consider

There are several elements to consider when preparing to clean and removed stained areas of your carpet. Perhaps the most important is the product that was spilled. It may be impossible to remove corrosive substances, since they damage the fiber and the backing itself in many instances. A greasy or oil spill is a different matter than red wine spills. The amount of spilled substance and the area which it covers will affect how the cleaning process is approached.

Another thing to consider is how long ago the spill or stain happened. When the surface of the carpet or upholstery has been affected and has time to try, it can be much harder to fix the damage. The type of fiber that is affected by the stain is also important. Man-made fibers react differently to cleaning products than natural fibers do.

Benefits of a Specialist

A carpet cleaning Northampton specialist has the training to know how to recognize the type of stain that is causing the unsightly area in your rugs or upholstered pieces. This information, combined with knowledge of the specialized commercial cleaning products will enable him to select the correct products for the specific job of stain removal.

The correct procedures are utilized for the type of stain which is causing the distress. Even the best products won't get the area back to pristine condition if they are applied incorrectly. The extensive training and experience which are applied to each cleaning job promise the best long-term results.

A specialist also has access to the correct tools and equipment to remove the stain and return the treated carpet to like new condition. Everything from brushes to steam cleaning equipment forms the arsenal of weapons against dirty and stained carpets and upholstery.
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alt At a first glance, Lipozene looks like the perfect product. It is advertised to be a miraculous fat burner, but it can also be purchased without consulting a doctor. It does not require a prescription either. According to the official website, customers have a 30 day back guarantee if they are not happy with it either. The terms are not mentioned though. With all these, the average consumer is more educated than ever. Most people want to read unbiased Lipozene reviews before actually spending money, even if it is not so expensive anyway. Such a thorough education is the direct consequence of numerous other products that came with similar claims, yet they were useless.

Surprisingly enough, there are not too many reviews related to this product, aside from the advertising websites that are introduced like personal reviews. Another intriguing fact is the lack of details. The Lipozene label does not include an active substance or the whole list of ingredients. Therefore, some critics agree that it is not necessarily a supplement, but an actual medication. All in all, the more you read about it, the more surprised you will be.

Things that you might never know about Lipozene

Lipozene seems to be based on fibers. Fibers stimulate the metabolism, but they will be useless without any associated therapies. You cannot eat all kinds of fibers and expect to achieve your dream silhouette overnight. Instead, such treatments must be mixed with a healthy lifestyle. You need to adopt a healthy diet too, which is not really mentioned on the official website. Moreover, the respective website does not encourage physical activity either. It is still not clear whether the manufacturer is trying to tell that its product works with no exercise and diet or it has failed to mention these things. All in all, the lack of a complete program is quite fishy.

On a different note, if you truly manage to find some unbiased reviews, most of them will not be too encouraging. Furthermore, a lot of people have reported nausea, as well as constipation. The so called supplement swells inside the stomach and blocks the free intestinal flow.

What options do I have?

Whether you ask specialists, trainers, doctors or physicians, most of them will recommend the classic solutions Ė diet and exercise. A supplementation is very useful too, although it must be properly selected.

From this point of view, Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent supplement if you find it in the right dose. It is excellent in blocking the sugar. It prevents the sugar from being converted into fat. Furthermore, it can lower the appetite, which means that you can forget about hunger.

The green coffee bean extract is just as helpful. It is nothing but regular coffee, only it is not roasted. It is rich in chlorogenic acid. It is found in several forms. You can find pills or tablets, but powders are just as handy for a quick drink. Sometimes, it is mixed with roasted coffee, so you will not even feel the difference.
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alt Many people believe that the Dorset area is one of the most beautiful and popular parts of the country in which to celebrate the union of two people. One of the many details that goes into planning a wedding, regardless of the location is the choice of a wedding photographer. This is an aspect of the preparations for the big day that should never be taken lightly. Yet, you may not know about how to best choose a professional, Here are some tips to guide you in finding wedding photographers in Dorset.


Information about the reputation of the craftsman is available in many places online and locally today, thanks to the internet. Look for forums that deal in consumer complaints to see if anyone is pointing out obvious demerits in the behavior or products of the professional in the past. You should also see if there are examples of their portfolio posted only for public viewing. You can tell a lot by looking at how he or she has performed at other couples' nuptials. If it is convenient, you should make every effort to meet the photographer in person to determine if he is someone you want at your event.


When you engage in a contract to have your wedding activities recorded by a professional, the activities are certain to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. There will never be another gathering with the exact same people doing the same things. Weddings are often a time when photographs of the bridal couple, wedding party and the guests at the affair are enjoying the chance to congratulate the couple and celebrate their union. You want pictures that portray what was happening in a fun and yet faithful way.

Check whether the photographer has contingency plans about what he will do if he is ill on the day of the celebration. Does he have a trusted backup person available to be on call? Sometimes, events which are beyond control occur. Obviously the professional who values your satisfaction with his work will show an awareness of potential equipment failure on his part and will plan for such a contingency.

Knows Area

The best wedding photographers in Dorset @ are familiar with the area and know how to use the many scenic and notable locations in setting up wedding shots that will be attractive and will convey the personalities of the couple in a positive and romantic way. If the ceremonies are to be held indoors, he should be willing to make himself familiar with the type of lighting and any challenges which might come with the space.

If extra equipment will be necessary to obtain good photographs, he should arrive in time to set up and be in place with the needed items. Today's level of technology is able to overcome many challenges. He should be knowledgeable about what will be needed to make the good images possible.

Professional Recognition

The photographer should belong to trade organizations that have a high standard of excellence for its members. The photographers who are recognized by their peers are more likely to do a better job for you.